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Wine versus laboratory yeast strain

Transcriptional and genomic comparisons

This experiment is described in

Hauser NC, Fellenberg K, Gil R, Bastuck S, Hoheisel JD, Perez-Ortin JE.
Whole genome analysis of a wine yeast strain.
Comp Funct Genom (2001)2(4): 69-79 [abstract] [pdf].

A transcriptional and genomic comparison was carried out on all open reading frames of the wine yeast strain T73 and a standard laboratory strain MYC730 at the exponential phase of growth (OD = 0.5) in YPD medium. Blue and light-blue colour-coding indicate higher signals in lab strain MYC730; red and yellow labelling represent higher signal intensities in T73. Results for the different ORFs are displayed in their entirety (transcriptional data, genomic data) or can be viewed chromosome by chromosome on the web page of Jose Perez-Ortin.